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Chandusoft Overview

We have team members who have worked on the scales of Petabytes of Data managing Enterprise Solutions with Companies like Infosys, Wipro,Schwab, Compuware, Intel, Hyuwei,Sasken etc - who passionately understand the needs of a small budget to mega budget projects. Many of our Leaders worked in USA,UK,Germany for many years, so that we implement international standards as a must with every solution we work on for "the special You". We believe that
"Customers are for ever- not just one time"

We have a strong team of Certified Professionals with proven expertise in Oracle,Dot Net, Java, MSSQL, Microsoft Programming, PHP,Netezza,Mysql, ajax, Java, android framework, objective-c , and iphone application programming.

Chandusoft offers its customers the best facilities and endless opportunities in the disciplines of Mobile Application Development , E-Commerce Development, Web Portal Development, Enterprise Application Development, Cross Platform Data porting, Enterprise level Architecting, Big Data Solutions,Data Quality Analysis, ETL and Data Management and Testing.

Chandusoft offers vibrant designs and wide spread options to its eCommerce customers who want to customize their shopping cart software and to meet its unique business needs and also distinguishes the site apart from its competitors.Zencart is giving a very tough competition to the OScommerce in India. Chandusoft offers the optimum packages for organization’s owner and provides ecommerce business solutions to many of its customers.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our Team is not only well qualified technology wise, but also Certified in various technologies like Microsoft,Oracle,ERP,PMP, Java and others. We also have a group of subject matter Experts who work hand-in-hand with us.Our Leaders are from Fortune 100 Companies

At Chandusoft Technologies, We follow Project Management basics as per PMP Standards. Agile is our preferred way of working. At any point of time, our Team is committed to "Client Satisfaction,Quality of Work, Process based workflow".

We thrive upon Customer Satisfaction and better ways of doing the quality work. In whatever we do "Innovation is at work" at chandusoft.

Meet The Team

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Mallikarjun Chandu

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mallikarjun Chandu is the Founder and Managing Director of Chandusoft which was established during 2011.In addition to chairing the Board of Directors, Mr. Mallikarjun is responsible for formulating and executing long-term strategies. At Chandusoft, Mallikarjuna is accountable for the company’s values, ethics and culture. Prior to establishing Chandusoft, he worked with Hughes,Huawei and Sasken for about 10 years.

He is a staunch believer of "Service is God" and "Customer Satisfaction is the blessing" as Mahatma Gandhiji quoted. He believes in empowering India through proper education and creating more jobs for the rural sector. . In line with this, he has opened three branches and created lot of jobs in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. He wants to empower the of Indian I.T Sector by creating more jobs for techies He is a mentor for CEO & CTO level Candidates.

Mallikarjuna holds M.Tech in computer Science and Technology from Andhra University Campus,and B.Tech from JNTU University Campus. He has established Philanthropic Foundation Chandu Chiranjivirao Charitable Foundation, which helps in village people’s education and empowerment.

Rama KanakaDurga Chandu


Rama KanakaDurga Chandu is the Co-founder and Director of the company. Prior to establishing Chandusoft, She worked for about 9 years in marketing and HR functions. She is guided by the principle: "Make the customer experience better".She is responsible for Human Resource development, executing short-term strategies, and interacting with clients, and employees. With an emphasis on achieving market penetration and cost-effective customer satisfaction.

she is managing acquisition and business development opportunities, She ponders upon Company's Strategic leadership, in defining company’s commercial path to growth and profitability. She is active in looking after Company's overall growth, women empowerment and HR based functions.

Mrs. Chandu holds MCom Degree from Nagarjuna University, Guntur.She shares propounded passion with Mr. Mallikarjun Chandu towards the establishment of the Philanthropic Foundation Chandu Chiranjivirao Charitable Foundation and working towards the realization of this noble cause.



Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Gopi is Chief Technology Officer of Chandusoft Technologies. Prior to joining Chandusoft in 2017, Gopi served Fortune 500 I.T companies like Infosys,Intel,WIPRO,Schwab,Compuware, Time Warner AOL in different roles like Director, Senior Manager, Data Architect, Programer etc in USA & INDIA for about 25 years. He has managed Enterprise projects, RCI's ERP implementations,Schwab's Finance datacenter, AOL's Google partner Search Operations to name a few Tech projects. He has also worked as VP for three startups.

He has many Technical Certifications from Microsoft,ITIL,Oracle and Digital in the field of Database Programming, Big Data and Administration of huge Datacenters, Networking & Programming. He is certified BulletProof Manager from Crestcom, and a follower of PMP practices and Agile methods. He has written books on C,Mssql and database concepts.

He received the Seidenberg School of Computing's "Outstanding Leadership" Alumnus award along with distinguished Master Degree in I.T from PACE University, NY ;along with Bachelor Degree from Mysore University.

Our Advisory Board

Kishore Kondapalli

Kishore Kondapalli has earned double masters, MS in Computer Science, which has provided him with a strong foundation towards building his analytical skills, and MBA has provided with General Management, Business & Financial perspectives. He is working in a fast paced, upscale environment, and is assuring to organization’s delight on GIS. He has also gathered required experience and skill set from organizations such as Bank of America, Cigna, Barclays, Chase Cognizant, Infosys, and more. Besides the knowledge, he has gained through education, it has been the real time and life experiences that have molded him to be the individual that he is today.

He strongly believes that education is one of the foundations for all what we do in life, it not only helps shape who we are, what we aspire to be, but also keeps away from bad elements of a society. He contributes to a local organization that focuses on free education for students, and he also volunteers in counseling handicapped children.

Vidhana Soudha, Bengaluru. Just 10KM from Our Office.