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DIMS provides an advantage over the use of paper-based patient records in terms of improved access,reduced cost,frequency of errors,more reliable and refined basis for outcomes management and decision support and data protection with high security

+ Oral Medicine & Radiology Department

Detailed case record with Medical History, Intra Oral and Extra Oral Examination, which captures minute information in detail and reflects in all the referred departments for reference. Revisits are given in the department, departmental references, Investigation wise Billing, and Pending amount are captured.

+Periodontics Department

Gingival and Periodontal Status: There will be detailed examination of Inflammation / Enlargement, Hard tissue examination. Periodontal Index captures: Gingival and Oral Hygiene Index, Periodontal Pockets and Cal-Clinical attachment level, Prognosis, Investigation and Treatment Plan.

+Prostodontics Department

Evaluation form followed by Investigation. Detailed case record for Complete Denture, Removable Partial, Fixed Partial and Maxillofacial Prosthesis. Periodontal Examination, Soft Tissue Examination. History of Edentulism and Pre Extraction Records and Habits

+Pedodontics Department

Age group upto 13 years are refered to this department from Oral Medicine. Developmental, prenatal and Natal History, Brushing Habits details are captured at primitive level. There will be a detailed options available to record following details Lymph Nodes, Temporomandibular Joint, Occlusion apart from Clinical Diagnosis and Investigations.

+Endodontics Department

Consists of Clinical Findings, Investigations, Treatment Plan, Final Diagnosis and Pulp vitality test (On cold / Heat / Electric) test details.

+ Oral Maxicilo Facial Surgery Department

Separate case records for Surgery Department. OP patient and IP patient Details are maintained separately. Soft Tissue and Hard Tissue examination, extra oral examination details are captured..

+Orthodontics Department

Orthodontics case record explains the significance of this product. Captures Post Natal History, Familial Malocclusion History, TMJ and Muscle Examination, Mandibular Movements. Intra Oral Examination consist of Soft Tissue, Hard Tissue, Maxillary & Mandibular Arch, etc., Growth Status & 36 Analysis are captured in the software with Investigations, Final Diagnosis and Treatment plan.

+Oral Pathology Department

Collection of details like Chief complaint, Type of Biopsy / Cytology, Clinical Findings Related to Lesion – Intra / Extra Oral Examination. Lymph node Status and Other findings are incorporated in detail..

+Public Health and Dentistry Department

Camp Locations / Patient's / Demographic Details are captured. Process connectivity from camp to departments, which ease the typing and retyping. Camp patients can be converted directly to OP and in Oral Medicine.

+Billing Management & Registration

Billing management module will be centralized and have the options to do department wise. Advanced Reporting tool by chandusoft which will help the management to take reports in different combinations as per institutions requirement.